Byron Bay Report

Today's rating - Average

Background Easterly swell receives a slight boost this morning; effectively maintaining sets in the 2ft range along the more exposed open beaches, grading to tiny levels along the points and inside the bays. Well worth going earlier rather than later as light NW to NNW winds at 5 to 10 knots see good conditions, before they turn Northerly, NNE 10 to 20 knots in the arvo.

Swell: 0.6m
Wind: N 0-10 kts
Best at: Exposed areas
Conditions: Semi-clean

Swell: 0.6m
Wind: NNE 10-20 kts
Best at: Exposed areas
Conditions: Lumpy

Outgoing tide
H 7:49 AM (1.7m) 
L 2:14 PM (0.2m) 
H 7:59 PM (1.2m) 
L 1:45 AM (0.0m)
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