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Adrenalin has crafted the Carver Drop-Thru Street 38 to deliver unbeatable performance while deep carving on big-time hill runs. Virtually every design feature of the longboard helps you to maintain near-total control at high speeds and during difficult turns.

The most obvious of the design features is Adrenalin’s choice to drop the trucks through the deck. In terms of performance, this dramatically lowers your centre of gravity and in turn improves stability and responsiveness through high-speed turns.

Another feature that is easy to spot is the unique cut-away shape of the 38-inch deck. The design breaks from tradition so as to maximise the pivoting ability of the trucks. As a result, dangerous wheel scrub is eliminated during sharp turns. You can maintain a smooth action without worrying about scrub halting your progress.

ABEC7 chrome bearings have been used to fix the wheels to the trucks for a smoother ride at high speeds. The inclusion of solid wheel hubs makes it even easier to reach those speeds. Amazingly, the Adrenalin Carver Drop-Thru Street 38 delivers on the promise of elite speed.

Dished wheels with 78A hardness make it possible to harness that speed by giving you balance and grip. And just to make sure, the extra-wide pivot trucks cut out death-wobbles to enable even sharper turns.


  • 38” length
  • 66mm x 52mm dished wheels in fluorescent green
  • 7” extra-wide pivot trucks
  • ABEC7 chrome bearings
  • Convex deck
  • Cut-away deck shape eliminates wheel scrub
  • Solid wheel hubs
  • Trucks dropped through deck


  • Sunken trucks lower your centre of gravity and improve stability and responsiveness while you sharply carve turns.
  • Adrenalin has designed a unique cut-away style for the Carver 38-inch skateboard, so as to eliminate wheel scrub during sharp manoeuvres.
  • Carve out sharper turns with the aid of the extra-wide 7” pivot trucks.
  • Enjoy a smoother ride at high speeds with the ABEC7 chrome bearings.
  • Solid wheel hubs make it possible to reach maximum velocity.
  • Dished wheels with 78A hardness elevate grip and balance.
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